Park Farm, Ashford

Park Farm is a 320 acre residential development in Kent. The key design objectives were to establish a high quality landscape and urban design framework to create an interface between the rural Kent Countryside and Ashford’s built environment.

Allen Pyke have been involved in this development for over 15yrs and have successfully given evidence to three Local Plan Inquiries on Urban Design, Landscape and Ecological matters.

We helped develop initial strategic design which informed Development Briefs for the infrastructure and housing layouts and detailed landscape design work included the provision of a new Country Park, Urban Squares, new local parks, sports pitches and landscaped green corridors through the site.

A key component of the development was the creation of swales to manage the run off from the site due to its proximity to the floodplain. These were implemented before any of the residential development was constructed and they provide an extension to the Public Rights of Way and Bridleways in the area which we have coordinated.