Brickhill, Bedford

Allen Pyke completed the design work for this large scale residential scheme in Bedford in 2010, and we have recently returned to site to see how it has developed and found the play areas looking good and being well used.

Allen Pyke designed and detailed the infrastructure and plot landscape including a number of play areas of varying sizes for this 500 home scheme.  All open spaces including associated LEAPs, NEAP and LAPs were designed to be adopted by the local authority and went through a rigorous design and coordination process to balance value and robustness against maintenance requirements and budget.  The play provision includes a number of incidental toddler play spaces located within the residential areas utilising natural elements and undulating landscape to create an imaginative and playful environment in a safe and well overlooked setting.

Elsewhere, larger equipped play areas were created in the public open space, including a large combined NEAP LEAP which was designed as an adventure zone, set on three levels with viewing platforms, topographic slide, timber climbing structures and a meandering inclined path. Within the central parkland, an informal bike trail with jumps and banked turning areas was created which winds around retained and newly implemented landscape features for added interest.