Berewood, Waterlooville


The Berewood development presents a sustainable urban extension to Waterlooville, Hampshire. It is set within a 210 ha greenfield site to the west of the town. The River Wallington runs through the site and was restored as part of the development. Allen Pyke were first appointed to prepare landscape proposals for the high profile gateway to the development site and have subsequently worked on proposals for much of the green infrastructure, including formal parks, informal greenspaces and a nature reserve. We have also been appointed by developers to provide detailed hard and soft landscape proposals for the residential phases.

As part of the design development phase for public greenspaces we have held a number of consultation events, including a design workshop with local school child to create a play area close to the school.



The town park is part of the wider, extensive green infrastructure within the masterplan, offering ecological mitigation and creation of new habitats, while providing a wide variety of amenity opportunities, play and sports facilities. Allen Pyke developed detailed proposals for the second phase.

At the centre of the park sits the sports pitches overlooked by the cricket pavilion, which also serves tennis courts and other park facilities. Throughout the park, other provisions allow for informal play, picnic areas, adventure trails and educational areas.

The topography of the park is varied, with earth mounds covered in wildflower meadows and a mix of native and ornamental trees providing character and a dynamic silhouette. Existing vegetation is being retained and enhanced for ecological benefits.



The River Wallington Restoration project is located in the northern part of the Berewood residential development. It offers ecological restoration to the existing, previously concrete channelled river, and creation of new habitats, while providing a wide variety of amenity and educational opportunities.

The western end of the river connects to the future Newlands Farm Community Nature Reserve and other neighbouring green corridors. Nature conservation and habitat improvements are at the heart of the landscape proposal for the river and Allen Pyke worked closely with the ecologists to realise the new habitats. The aspirations for the area informed the landscape proposals, including species selection, arrangement and provision of facilities, such as seating and observation platforms, play areas, SuDS features and allotments through a proposed multi-use greenway, which provides enhanced accessibility from the proposed residential areas and vicinities.



  • Concept design
  • Reserved Matters Applications
  • Clearance of landscape related planning conditions
  • River restoration proposals
  • Play Area design
  • Planting Plans
  • General Arrangements Plans
  • Public consultation
  • Site Supervision


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