Kentwood Farm

Allen Pyke were commissioned by Crest Nicholson to discharge the planning conditions and develop the detailed landscape design for this 274 unit residential development on the fringe of Wokingham. The landscape design delivers a series of spaces for public use, including allotments, informal play areas, and open space.

The scheme involves the creation of a Suitable Accessible Natural Green space (SANG) that was designed to serve as an amenity landscape for local people connecting existing residential areas to the south through the site along a minor water course that has been re-profiled to improve access and its amenity value and provides suitable habitat for the relocation of Great Crested Newts from the development area. The proposals included large areas of wet and dry grassland with several ponds, woodland belts and scrub planting accessed via a circular route.

The scheme also includes a noise bund which buffers the site from the adjacent A329 and has been designed to blend with the landscape.