Wellesley, Aldershot Urban Extension

Allen Pyke Associates were appointed as project landscape architects for this 153 hectare site by Grainger Plc in 2013. Our role ranges from providing strategic input for Design Codes and public consultations to detailed design. We have worked on several phases of the Wellesley development, and so far have successfully received reserved matters approval for two zones (Gunhill and Cambridge Military Hospital), with a number of other zones currently being worked on. When phases of the development have been transferred to other developers we have been retained to prepare tender and construction information.

The site is former MOD land with many nationally and locally listed buildings and monuments providing an important heritage context for the development. The history of the site is referenced in the site wide Heritage Trail which creates route around Wellesley making these elements accessible to future residents and visitors. The public open spaces associated with these features are a key consideration in the design and development of the zones with previous design codes controlling the use of materials in these sensitive heritage areas.

Existing woodland and trees are natural assets which will be enhanced to support wildlife and provide a mature setting to the new residential areas and associated public open space.  Due to the proximity to the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANGS) is also provided.

The completed urban extension will comprise around 3,850 residential units, two schools and a neighbourhood centre.