Lori highly commended in London National Park City Competition

Congratulations to Lori Micu who took part in the London National Park City visualisation challenge and was highly commended by the judges. Her submission addressed green infrastructure gaps and issues in areas of the city.

Her submission proposed a future vision for an sample space of Hackney, which is considered one of the poorest areas of London. Her proposals aimed to tap into resources of developing neighbourhoods and draw a picture of how all areas of London will need to be integrated as part of the  strategy for turning London into the first National Park City, regardless of economical and social status. This example could apply to numerous other communities within the city, where the approach could be adjusted for similar situations.

Lori’s chosen area is one which does not contain any major green infrastructure.  She studied how, through small and medium-scale interventions, pockets of activities and community spaces can weave a sustainable network, creating better conservation, amenity space, and bringing social and economical improvements. The proposals create focal points, connected through quality public nodes and routes with punctual interventions which can lead to healthier and stronger communities. It aims to facilitate collaboration within the community and with neighbouring administrations towards sustaining a common, inclusive strategy which houses all natural, social and economical aspects of its inhabitants.