London Rivers Week

This year, from Saturday 23rd June to Sunday 1st July, the third London Rivers Week is taking place. It is a celebration of London’s rivers and the many projects which have successfully enhanced and restored naturalised areas for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Allen Pyke have supported various projects adjacent to many London Rivers which have revitalised and improve the connection people and wildlife have with the waterways of the city.

Penryhn Road, Kingston

The new student accommodation block adjacent to the Hogsmill River in Kingston provided the opportunity to create a planting scheme which would create new riverside habitat for wildlife. We worked with a local ecologist to create a scheme that would increase the biodiversity of the site and foraging/nesting opportunities for species such as Kingfishers and several species of bats.

Beddington Park, Wallington

Allen Pyke assisted the Wandle Trust to re-establish a dry pond and to reprofile the existing lake formed along the River Wandle at Beddington Park. Proposals included removal of the concrete channel edging and creating a more natural profile with a backwater/shelves planted with native species to restore/enhance habitat.

Great Eastern Quays, Albert Basin Phase 2

The residential development includes a linear riverfront park to the River Thames with destination play spaces and a shared surface route running the length of the site as well as podium resident amenity courtyards and living roofs.