This year, on Fridays 20th and 27th September, climate strikes are taking place globally. Millions of people will walk out of their workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand significant changes to the way we treat our planet.

The climate strike movement started a year ago with Greta Thunberg, a school girl from Sweden, but has since become a global phenomenon. Starting on the 20th, three days away from the UN’s Climate Emergency Summit, we will see a week of climate actions all over the world allowing people from all walks of life to join together, step up and take action for our climate.

Allen Pyke Associates are supporting the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), who have declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency at the IFLA World Congress in Oslo and are so adding their voice to the growing list of organisations across the globe who are demanding more action.