Hounslow Civic Centre and new housing gains consent

Planning permission has just been granted for a new civic centre for the London Borough of Hounslow including roof terraces and associated public realm in Hounslow town centre. Planning consent was also granted for the 920 unit, mixed tenure residential redevelopment of the existing civic centre site.

The residential scheme features a network of tree lined shared surface streets, public open spaces and gardens with incidental play features.  Communal podium gardens, roof terraces and green/brown roofs providing amenity at upper levels. SuDS have been integrated throughout the public open spaces using permeable paving, swales in streets and gardens and underground storage.

Allen Pyke worked closely with architects, Shepard Robson and client, Bouygues to design an attractive urban landscape setting for the civic centre which responded to the architecture of the building and challenging site constraints.

For the residential development, Allen Pyke were appointed by Notting Hill Housing Trust as part of a multi-disciplinary team to prepare the planning application and are now busy working on the detail design stages of Phase 1 for Notting Hill Housing Trust and Bouygues UK with architects Allies and Morrison.